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 I have the best investment properties in South Florida!

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If you are looking for: 

  • Positive Monthly Cash Flow on rentals

  • Massive returns on flips

  • Deals from 30% to 60% below market value

  • Stress free transactions


Then look no further and join my daily deals right here on this page! 

Be part of my investors VIP lists where you will receive deals at least 3 times per week… 

I have deals all over South Florida and they go fast! Get your hands on them today!

Contract Review

I find properties in South Florida below market value, giving you the cutting edge in today’s competitive market. I specialize in finding the best deals so you can focus on managing your investments and make them produce massive returns.

  •  Researching Properties

  •  Submitting Offers

  •  Negotiating with Sellers, Realtor, Banks, etc… 

  •  Finding motivated sellers, acquisition managers and bank owned properties...

If you want to...

fix - buy - sell

fix - buy - rent

fix - buy - live

then I have the best deal for you! 

 Takes hard work! 


 Let me take care of it and only present to you the best  deals available.

Real Estate has amazing advantages and if you are not in the game, you are loosing out on great opportunity.  


Some amazing advantages include: 

1. Creating financial freedom through monthly passive income by acquiring rental property

2. Accumulating massive lump sums of cash by doing flips

3. Appreciation of properties over time

4. Create equity by purchasing distressed homes and renovating them

5. Leverage your money to control and manage more properties with less cash 

6. Tax benefits! Investors get the most deductions because of their direct impact on the economy! 


Ready to invest? If you are experienced or a newbie, I am your girl to grow that portfolio and make you lots of money.  I have been in the business for 10 years and being an investor myself has taught me the ins and outs of the business. My clients come back to me again and again because they get results and I make them lots of money! 


Let's talk today to see how I can make you more money as well, and to answer any questions you might have. Believe me, once you work with me, you won't want to buy properties from anyone else. 


My clients say that working with me is 

  •  Easy

  •  Straight Forward

  •  Extremely Profitable


Prove it yourself and become part of our investors VIP list today!

Always remember... 


Here is a list of FAQs that will help make your next buying decision easy breezy! 

What's in it for me? Why should I buy from you? 

Well, for starters, I am an investor as well. So I get you and your needs. I'll help you find properties under market value and if for any reason you simply decide it is not the right house for you, we'll move on to the next. No strings attached.

Is it better to flip or purchase rental properties? 

This one is a trick question because it all depends on your final goals. If you are looking to make big lumps of money, flipping will be your best bet. If you are looking to create long-term wealth and collect monthly positive cash flow, then I would focus on finding rental properties. Many investors do a healthy combination of both and leverage both strategies to reach their financial goals. 

What type of properties will I see in your email blasts? 

You will find for the most part single family homes, town houses and multifamily units. We focus offering our investors the best return on their investment and we believe these type of properties have the best cash flow. 

Are the titles on these properties clean? 

By working with the best title companies in South Florida, we ensure that there is a clear title on ALL properties we sell and there are no liens at the time of closing. If title is not clear or if there are liens or monetary violations, our investors will not be required to close and deposit will be refunded.


Will I receive "Free and Clear" marketable title at time of closing?

During the closing process we will get a property lien search, code violation report and open permits with the respective city to guarantee that all concerns or any monetary liens are taken care of and cleared prior to closing. We provide 100% assurance that our properties all have "Free and Clear" Marketable Title.

How much does it cost to buy a property? 

Because of the volume of properties we buy, we are able to acquire properties at huge discounts allowing us to sell them 30-50% under the market value. You will be the one taking advantage of getting properties at such low prices that you will be making huge profits in a short period of time.

Are there other ways I could purchase a property other than Cash?

All of our properties need to be purchased with cash or with hard, private money. We can help you finance up to 70% of the purchase price by setting you up with hard money lenders. Our private investor's will lend you the money secured by the property. For this reason, it doesn't matter how your credit history is. We do not sell properties with bank financing because most of the time they need repairs and they will not approve the loan.

Will you hold a note on the property? 

No, we will not hold a note on any of our properties.

What would be the expected closing duration?

We will close as fast as 10-15 days after a fully executed contract. In some cases we have been able to close in just a week. We take this time to have all title work ready and make sure the property has clear title and has no violations.

Are closing costs included in the purchase price? 

No, closing costs are not included in the purchase price. Because we sell many properties and keep our title company busy, we are able to get minimal charges for the closing costs. Taxes are paid in every real estate transaction.

Can I use my own title company? 

Because we need to guarantee you are getting free and clear marketable title and to facilitate the closing processing we use our own title company. If at any moment you want to have your closing documents reviewed by another title company or attorney, you are welcome to do so.

Will your company help repair, resell or rent property? 

This is our specialty and this is what separates us from all other sellers. Because we are investors ourselves, we have a team ready to take the property from beginning to end. We can coordinate your purchase, rehab the property, get it rented or resell it for you. You can use our help and experience at any moment in your investing process.

I am interested in selling, not buying at this moment. Will you buy my property?

Absolutely! We are looking to buy properties all year long and would be happy to buy your property or find another buyer. Please contact us immediately. We will do the best we can to help you.

I have additional questions or comments. Who can I contact? 

You may reach us via email, phone, text, website or even on social media. Our contact information is below.


Let me know if there's anything we can do to help you and your friends and family find your next investment property!

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